At FILANTROPIE we believe that beautiful fashion doesn't have to come at the cost of the environment.  Our idea is to offer more sustanabile materials, and make you every day more concious of the planet.  


As a commitment company we want to move from linear to circular.  And using more recycled materials reduces our dependence on petroleum as the raw material for our fabric needs.

Diverting PET bottles for this process reduces landfill, and thus reduces soil contamination and air and water pollution and requires less energy than virgin fabric.

Garments created from recycled polyester aim to be continuously recycled with no degradation of quality, allowing us to minimize wastage. 




Recycled gives a second live to a material that is not biodegradable and would otherwise end up in the ocean.  According to the NGO Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year, if we keep this pace in 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean that fish.  

Plastic have been found in 60 percent of all seabirds and 100 percent of all sea turtles, because they mistake plastic for food.