At Filantropie we believe in opportunities, that we can all contribute from where we are to achieve a better world. And upon this idea, our story is born.

After having studied together at the university, both Latinas, and living the realities of two different countries, we decided to combine our careers and experiences, in favor of a common idea, to create a sustainable business model aimed to improve and generate changes in our environment.

 We are very excited to be a part of change and to connect our customers with this new culture of e-commerce.

Thank you to be part of the change.

Ana & María Luisa


Our philosophy is to create an opportunity through what we sell. Filantropie is a project of change. We are passionate about offering products of current trend and quality. Where for each purchase, our clients connect tangibly in the fight against hunger and child malnutrition, sowing hope through non-profit institutions that work for this cause.

At the same time, Filantropie indirectly empowers indigenous communities in Latin America, conserving their traditional ways of working, through the use of different materials, colors and textures. As well as working with small craft workshops of urban centers at risk. Achieving a larger market taking their products and creating this wat, a better life for them and their families.

Children are the future of our countries and the world, together with non-profit organizations, we support them in their education through their nutrition, and we contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the 2030 agenda.


Dominican Republic and Venezuela, music and art and Caribbean! Countries that share the pride of being Latinas, but at the same time a reality of hunger, poverty and necessity.

Today, thousands of children roam the streets of urban centers in Venezuela in search of food. The Dominican Republic is the only border of Haiti, Latin American with the poorest communities. This puts both nations in an environment with needs of change.

We are proud of our people, their creativity and the rich culture that we can make known through their work. We hope that our products contribute to our countries and create a story wherever they go.


Filantropie is a project of change, which connects consumers in the fight against hunger and child malnutrition, while empowering artisans from marginal communities in Latin Arica, through employment in the use of their skills.

Filantropie, and its allied brands, work for a change in particular areas of populations in need. Through the commercialization of the products, funds are generated that are directed to infant feeding and to the creation of work for communities at risk. All managed through donations, training programs.

To support local artisan means to preserve the cultures and the communities. To create handmade products, one by one, connects us with their skills and their commitment to work, preserving the traditions that have been passed through generations. Skills that under the direction and edition of Filantropie achieves attractive products and designs to consumers who like current trends.

Encourage through a purchase the opportunity of a sustainable business and to benefit local communities. We look for partnerships that ensure a fair compensation to the workers, and in this way, they are encouraged and empowered in the development of their own labor communities, in Latin America.

We acquire products that are made with recycled materials that have been reconditioned for reuse. This process has a positive impact on the environment and minimizes the flow of waste to landfills, while promoting the reuse of materials in the communities.





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